Volunteering with Girls Inc.!

We would not be able to achieve our goals without our volunteers! From community members, to college students, and more, we continuously are looking for people to help us serve more girls!

If you are interested in volunteering with us, either with programming, tutoring, community events, clean-up days, etc., please contact Nicole Cullop at nicole_girlsinc@bvu.net.

Download Volunteer Packet now!

Our Wish List

We are constantly in need of various items for our girls.  With the number of girls we have enrolled, it is amazing how quickly supplies are depleted!  We would greatly appreciate any of the following items at any time.  Please keep Girls Inc. in mind when you are shopping.  Any way to cut back on our shopping expenses can help our budget a great deal!

Paper Towels                          Envelopes                                Toilet Paper                            Copy Paper                             

Stamps                                    Napkins                                   Thank You Cards                     Latex Gloves                           

Notebooks                              Drinks                                      Folders                                   Snacks                                    

Dry Erase Markers                  Paper Plates                            Ink HP 15 – Black                   Paper Cups                             

Mopping Solution                   Paper Bowls                            Lysol                                       Trash Bags (Office & over 39 Gal)

Bathroom Cleaner                  Glass Cleaner                          Bleach                                     Brooms                                   

Crayons                                   Dust Pans                                Construction Paper                 Embroidery Thread                       

Loose Leaf Notebook Paper  Band-Aids                               Individually wrapped candy   Cotton Balls    

Pens                                         Antibiotic Ointment                Scissors (kid & adult)              Bactine                                   

Glue                                         Thermometers                        Glue Sticks                              Gauze                                     

Craft Supplies                          Medical Tape                          White Out                               Thermometer Covers Staples            

Bee Sting Sticks                      Tape Refills                              Alcohol                                    All-Purpose Cleaner                       

Door Mats                                Card Stock                               Rugs                                        Plastic Silverware                       

Trashcans (big & small)          Tissues                                     Sugar                                       Tri-Fold Paper Towels            

Kool-Aid                                   Liquid Hand Soap                   Prizes                                       Pencil Sharpeners                       

Scrap Paper                            Magic Markers                        Staplers                                   Colored Pencils                       

Post-Its                                    Paint                                         Nail Polish                               Paint Brushes                         

Toner                                       Paper Clips                              Coloring/Activity Books